So, what is coaching?

Photo by Grischa Georgiew/iStock / Getty Images

Coaching is a partnership between the client (you) and the coach (me.) You bring to coaching your dreams and desires, and what you’re confused about. As your coach, I use powerful questions and reflection to help you gain clarity and momentum.

The goal of coaching is to assist you in creating positive, lasting change. You are in charge of the direction, as well as the pace of your change and growth. The process of coaching helps you tap into your inner wisdom and honor your unique way of being and moving through the world.

When you hire a coach, you give yourself a unique opportunity to engage in a relationship in which the entire focus is on you—on what you really want out of life, and how you’re going to achieve that outcome.

My particular style of coaching includes encouragement, gentleness, humor and enthusiasm. I believe that new behaviors take time to establish, and need to be protected and nurtured as they gain momentum. I honor each small step you take that moves you forward. I help you turn setbacks into learning.

I support your transformation as you integrate your values into each moment of your life.