I offer one-on-one coaching services, in person or by phone. Each session is crafted by the two of us to meet your needs, so that you walk away with fresh momentum and insight.

The benefits of coaching build over time, which is why my primary offering is a six month program called Portable Joy. Most likely you will want to begin by scheduling one or two sessions with me, to experience my unique coaching style, and to explore your current needs and desires.

Cost for a single session: $80
I also offer a limited number of scholarships.
For information, please inquire.

I love talking with women about their dreams, so please contact me so we can begin our conversation about what it would look like to work together.

I look forward to connecting with you! —Heidi

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For the convenience of my clients, please use the button below to pay with PayPal or credit card. This button may be used to pay for a single session or a series of sessions, depending upon our coaching agreement.