What my clients are saying about our work together.

“Every time I have a session with Heidi, I leave feeling so filled up…so inspired to take the next step.”
—L.P., retired advocate & emerging artist

“I can’t believe how much territory we covered and how much clarity you drew forth from me. You have done so much toward helping me shift my attitude in a positive direction.”
—J.C., massage therapist

“Working with Heidi gives me a weekly, structured opportunity to reflect on my goals. Our conversations always bring a new perspective and support to that process. Heidi is an insightful and very 'present’ listener, reflecting back what she hears, gently guiding, yet allowing me to find my own way.”
—J.C., visual artist & retired RN

“My sessions were so amazing on so many levels, and I feel blessed by your wise presence through my process.” 
—H.H., expedition leader

“Every session offers a wealth of insight and support. You have been instrumental in my forward momentum!”
—S.S., human resources & executive coach

“I’m grateful to have your particular brand of care and support these past weeks. I feel heard and seen so completely, and shored up with the encouragement I need to take me on the next big steps.”
—A.K., vocal & expressive arts coach

“Your coaching gave me so much, and I know will give many more people a way to see where their dreams reside.”
—M.O., educator